Phoenix Trees

(to be read from the roots up) into a fresh spring breeze. pump pollen and on bare branches wriggle will catkins and new green leaves Soon roots and shoots. branches, slender resilient and stubborn spread storm, by a over bowled toppled, having trunks, Crumbling Kim M. Russell, 2017 Jennifer Vranes – “New Beginnings” My response […]

Waves like Arabian Stallions

(covering Patti Smith’s ‘Horses’) in a sea of possibilities I’m surrounded by waves like stallions horses coming from all directions noses flaming white manes shining stars in the black mare of night up against a sea wall I seize the first possibility in a crash of waves coming in like Arabian stallions lapping into sea […]

Wroclaw by Night

Night populates the city, black ink spilling over pavements, splashing quiet corners, filling squares and parks, water- falling down the riverbank, soaking a couple as they hurry from one island of sodium light to another, across the Love Bridge, an anchor for younger hearts padlocked to railings. On the far bank, night is celebrated with a candle-cake […]