Next Door’s Ghosts Episode 2

Of course, she told her neighbour, and Edith was not surprised. “That’s my cat, Maurice.” She smiled. “He was run over before he was six months old, and we buried him in the garden. But he preferred your garden, it always was a bit of a jungle.” The little old lady in the corner grinned, […]

On the Fourth Anniversary of Your Death

Like the sky maps sketchedin the bird brains of the geeseflying overhead this morningin their flocks and vees,your gentle face is etchedinto my genealogy.I hear their honk and chatterloud and clear; they fly byas if it doesn’t matterthat a day cannot be erasedby hoar frost. Yes, it’s here again,sparkling like it did four years ago,stiffening […]

Mother’s Milk

A staid image of a placidwoman dressed in blue,only hands and face exposed,no crown bejewelled,your child swaddled:this was how I thought of you. I didn’t know the churchimagined you as tripartite too:royally dressed in ermine and silk,breast exposed, a womanof human flesh, blood and milk,miraculously still a virgin. It wasn’t you the angels preserved,but the […]

Mysterious Landscapes Troiku

mysterious landscapes rise and unfold before my eyes worlds of clouds Chèvrefeuille mysterious landscapes windless rain among the trees misting my glasses rise and unfold before my eyes hills grey and invisible a foggy haunting worlds of clouds dark shadows until a break reveals honey light mysterious landscapes everything brown and silver flickered with leaf […]

On First Encountering a Stallion

In a dust-clouded paddock, a summer stallion,Not midnight black but deepest brown,Rolled one eye, expressive and defiant,Cautiously curious and determined to be dominant.Tendering my trembling fingers, openPalm of one hand in silent supplication,I kept the other in my jacket,Shuffling cubes of sugar in a pocket,Relishing the sweet sting of anticipation.Startled and skittering from a sudden […]

November Monday

Monday is the colour of sky,the first day of the weekas fresh as washing on a line. This November Monday,there’s a musty yellow scent,an ochre aroma of decay, like a pumpkin or a melon,overripe and mushy mellow,not citrus-sharp like lemons. This Monday’s weatheris washed into a muddy green,sun and wind and rain together, mixed up […]

Autumn’s Folly

She paints the landscape red and gold,cossets fruit, more than we can hold, silvers webs and tinkers with the lightonly to plunge us into wintry night. Her leafy folly flutters and decays,the fruits of her labour last but days, winter haunts her with ghostly mistand bids her goodbye with an icy kiss. Kim M. Russell, […]

Medusa’s Demise

The metallic stench of blood slicks the rockand tickles the throat. No wonder snakes suffocate the silence with their incessant hiss.Some break away, alarmed by the cold kiss of death; some curl and spiral, others loopand tie themselves in knots. Spattered drupes of carmine, like red snakes’ eyes, gleam –Medusa no longer has the power […]