Snow Globe Episode 4

The shop assistants at Bloomingdale’s were attentive and helpful, and suggested bringing a photograph of the house; their supplier would do their best to recreate it for her. They also warned her that a snow globe over 100ml would have to be packed in checked luggage. The project involved several trips and ended up costing more than she had expected, turning her stocking filler into a main gift. It was beautiful. She was tempted to buy one for herself.

Christmas came around faster than ever and her jaw dropped when she learned that that she would have to travel alone. Mitch made it clear that he wanted to spend the holiday season with his own family and friends, and it was obvious that he had no time for William. She refused to let that spoil her trip. She called Mrs Allen with just enough notice.

“No problem, Mrs Steinman, I’ll be delighted to give the house an extra clean. I‘ll make sure the heating is turned up and, while I’m at it, how about I pop up into the loft and bring down the Christmas decorations? I can just imagine Will’s little face when he sees the house looking extra festive.” Will was the name Rosanna used to call her son, but Mitch said he should get used to his given name. Was Mitch a given name? He had not replied. Rosanna went shopping for a special gift for Mrs Allen too, and wrote a generous cheque to place in her Christmas card.

It was such a wonderful Christmas, with traditional English fare and a whole week with William, that she forgot about Mitch and New York. William loved all his presents, but he sat for almost an hour under the tree, shaking the snow globe and watching snowflakes fall onto a house that looked almost like the one they were sitting in. Rosanna stood behind him and watched his eyes reflect in the glass dome. They were big and blue. He was happy.

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12 thoughts on “Snow Globe Episode 4

  1. I hate to say I love a poem or mini story, but if I did it would be this one. It reminded me of our pottery piece, a ‘Sun Jar’ made by my favorite astronaut’s wife, Mrs. Owen Garriott (he was English born). She crafted them and a moon jar, we still have some moon jars. But the Sun Jar was broken by our young granddaughter. The now sell from $300 to $1,000.
    Of course I can still see her eyes in that broken jar. We did keep the pieces.

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