In the Belly of Pandemic Spring

Last year,
in the belly of pandemic spring,
I was shut in.

Walls warped,
windows were eyes,
and the chair in the corner stayed empty.

All the words I wrote poured off the page;
I had to scoop them up and paste them back on,
like poison pen letters to myself.

This year, I’m sitting in the empty chair,
planning what I’ll do when I finally get out there –
but not just yet.

Kim M. Russell, 4th April 2021


My response to NaPoWriMo Day Four

Today’s prompt takes us, as poetry often does, to the liminal, ‘a place or sensation that exists at or on both sides of a boundary or threshold, neither one thing or the other, but something betwixt and between’. We are challenged to select a photograph from @SpaceLiminalBot, and write a poem inspired by it. It was a difficult choice with so many to choose from.

14 thoughts on “In the Belly of Pandemic Spring

    1. David took me to the post office yesterday to renew my passport and driving licence. It was my first time out for ages and it was such a surprise to see so many people out and about again.

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  1. You know i know where you’re at, right Kim? Today is day 13 after Needle #2 for me.
    I love this work and esp love how you see those words as poison pen letters, falling off the page.
    Better days ahead. Write on, Sister.

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