It’s taking shape

If any WordPress bloggers out there have tips on organising pages, I would be very grateful to receive them. I was struggling to organise posts and pages into menus and have just found out how to give menus headings. I think this little website is starting to take shape. I would like to separate the Writing menu into […]

Summers past

While reading a friend’s comments about rainy days on the beach, I was reminded of my childhood, when we lived with my grandparents. We couldn’t afford holidays but Nan saved up threepenny bits in a jar for days out in the summer, which she booked with a local bus company. She would take us to the […]

I can see clearly

My new glasses have changed my eyesight! I can see clearly without straining and the frame fits perfectly; no more headaches, no more specs slipping down my nose and having to be pushed back up every few minutes. They look good too. While I was in Norwich, I managed to find an outfit for my […]