Discovering the White Rabbit

After early showers on a capricious Saturday in May, lunchtime is bathed in balmy sunshine. The shady toll path bustles with strollers and joggers, all inhaling spring’s steamy promise, and echoes with a coxswain’s voice counting rowers’ strokes. On the opposite bank, a swan stretches; alert to danger, she watches over cygnets hidden in a […]

Celtic Crow

One eye glances askance, glittering jet lustre. Is Morrighan watching? Will she visit you? Wings open like a broken umbrella, a sheen of funereal feathers. Is it alone or are there three to strike fear in the hearts of the enemy? Talons scratch a morbid beat to the castanet clacking of its beak. Sacred sister […]


Heated squeaks pierce the twilight – bats again, with their different calls echoing off trees and walls. After the long silence of hibernation, they have found voices to argue, I imagine, about personal space and food. Who wouldn’t, after hanging so close together for the duration of a cold winter? Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image […]