Celtic Crow

One eye glances askance, glittering jet lustre. Is Morrighan watching? Will she visit you? Wings open like a broken umbrella, a sheen of funereal feathers. Is it alone or are there three to strike fear in the hearts of the enemy? Talons scratch a morbid beat to the castanet clacking of its beak. Sacred sister […]


Heated squeaks pierce the twilight – bats again, with their different calls echoing off trees and walls. After the long silence of hibernation, they have found voices to argue, I imagine, about personal space and food. Who wouldn’t, after hanging so close together for the duration of a cold winter? Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image […]

Snow fell…

Snow fell during the night, fresh and bitter, scattering glitter, exhaling biting winds perfumed with winter. This morning we marvelled at icicles and ice flowers on the window and tingled with the chilly thrill of a season all in one day. Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image found on Pinterest My response to dVerse Poets Pub Open […]