Where It All Began

It seemed so much bigger then, red brick staunch against the weather,grey asphalt where we ran together,played kiss chase (you missed my lips and kissed my ear), made icy slides in winter.Those hungry waits in line outside the small canteen, air laden with indescribable smells, fingers crossed it was my turn to be water monitor […]

Earth Singing

Thousands of years of spinningmake me dizzy, and yet I see more clearly than I did before, despite the salty tears brimmingnot with creatures of the seabut plastic-coated. Scale and claw are permanently swimmingin pollution. Furthermore,I want to be relieved from the constant diggingat my flesh and bone, the chainsawsthat destroy my ancient trees, cause […]

First Bees of May

I watched a drowsy bee chewthrough its wintertime cocoonand emerge onto the edgeof a sunny window ledge.After a sullen start to spring,dandelions smile in grass.A dragonfly helicopters pastcherry and honeysuckle bowers,where flirty buds are burstingto unfold a flurry of pink flowersto bees, thirsty for heady sipsof pollen from dewy petal lips.That’s why a swarm of […]