Do you name your trees?

Late afternoon sunlight blinkslike my gold molar when I laugh. It jokes among the honeysuckle leavesthat hug the cherry tree. They are mapped with age spots and veins,frustrated at their fading. On the third shelf up,surrounded by fiction books and poetry, the photograph of my mother as a little girlstares from a frame made of […]

Sudden Joy

The bay tree’s gone,chopped to let the sunlight in,but fighting back with fresh shootsand a surprisefluorescent yellow evening primrosegrowing at its roots.       Yesterday, I walked in places new,soaked my idle boots in dewdodged overhanging branchesand brambles still heavy with plump fruit,past haystacks,  across recently ploughed fieldsto sudden joy – a crop of […]

Strange Weekend

Saturday was my first outing, all masked up and nowhere to go but the supermarket, strolling with my basket, calm and clean, with civilised social distancing in wide aisles, touching the inhaler in my pocket, no panic, no fear, husband always near. The Sunday walk was leisurely, a lot of heat but a little breezy, […]