Invisible Umbilical

The unborn sleep and waketo their mothers’ heartbeatswith flares of dawns and sunsets. Expectant with gentle curves,fields are still blotched with snow,while limp and drowsy meadows transform into the smoky greenof seeding grasses and flowers,patches of shifting light and colours bound together by an invisible umbilical,dewy cobwebs and the hum of early bees –there are […]

Waiting for Worms

After rain, the snow has melted;in hedges and by the roadside,beer cans, plastic cups and wrappers explodelike mutated flowers and, in isolated places,fly-tippers’ gifts of mattresses and fridges are exposed. On the other side of the world,rare creatures perish, some with pelts,horns and other parts removed,waiting for worms to consumethe vestiges of their existence. Humans’ […]

Candlemas Vow

In the moody half-lightof the Imbolc landscapebetween birch, ash and oak,there’s an unspoken oath. Brassy hazel catkins shimmer,lemony lamb’s tail buds glimmer,and there’s a gleam in Candlemasbells’ nodding waxen flowers. Everywhere, for the first timethis year, is the vow that temperatures will climband imbue everythingwith the welcome scent of spring. Kim M. Russell, 1st February […]

This Isle of Noises

The corona virus has all but silencedthis isle of noises,masks have muffled our voices,damp squibs at the festival of light. Unmasked revellers light bangers and screamers,sparks of hope for dreamers,while Caliban sobs in a cornerover glasses drained of wine. Kim M. Russell, 28th December 2020 My response to earthweal weekly challenge: A Feast of Earth […]

A Change of Mind About Sharks

After years of needless fearof creatures I will never face,I’ve had a change of mindabout sharks being dangerous,blood-crazed and murderous. Last night, I watched a programmeabout the wonders of the deep,and marvelled at the pyjama shark,a stripy type of cat-shark (you know how I love cats). It lives on the bottom of the ocean,among kelp […]

Approaching the end of the year…

empty landscapes are waking up:weak December sun glints off frailwebs; frost sparkles in the sweepof headlights; we follow the trailof ancient sages in search of gold,frankincense and myrrh, in taleswe repeat so Christmas can be sold. Now, opening the advent doorsamid lighted candles and Yule trees,we cannot shake a sense of awe.Come New Year, we […]