A Spring Sonnet

Golden spring, you inspire me to write.The way you pierce, renew and burstinvades my thoughts all day and night,weaving itself into lines of verse. I could compare you to a gentle larch.You are more fragrant, forgiving and fresh,though sudden frost may freeze buds in Marchand give me sudden shivers with its caress. How do I […]

First Bees of May

I watched a drowsy bee chewthrough its wintertime cocoonand emerge onto the edgeof a sunny window ledge.After a sullen start to spring,dandelions smile in grass.A dragonfly helicopters pastcherry and honeysuckle bowers,where flirty buds are burstingto unfold a flurry of pink flowersto bees, thirsty for heady sipsof pollen from dewy petal lips.That’s why a swarm of […]

Sensing October

I pull October from the mist,gather up the weavesafter the storm has tried to stripthe trees of blushing leaves. I wind them round my finger,the delicate wisps that lingerin fallen apples rottinginto cider scent, in dangling corpses of daddy-longlegsand dew-encrusted spider-webswoven in between red sunsetsand orange mornings. I untangle gossamer spanning timeand space to make […]

Missing the Point

From mid-autumn until the end of winter,each day begins and ends with night,not morning’s gentle lightening or splinterof tea-time twilight, although sunsetstill kaleidoscopes in clear October skies.We live from day to day: wake up,rise and read about incessant liesover the rim of a tea or coffee cup.Then it’s time to catch a bus or train,ignoring […]

Bread-Making in Winter

For months frayed foliage has covered earth, the agèd year is faded to sepia shades and now it turns again to white and grey with early dusk as winter draws its breath. The frigid bite of January’s mellowed, outdone by the aroma, as it lingers, of yeast and flour wafting from your fingers, familiar scent […]