Spring Spillage

The day had gone from rain
back to bright and dry again,
and so we ventured out.

So many hues among the green
of fresh new buds and leafy sheen,
it made me want to shout

out loud, when suddenly the first
butterfly seemed to burst
out of a leafy cloud,

not primrose or even daffodil,
but the colour of an accidental spill
from Vincent’s palette.

A flash of wings so bright
it seemed that yellow had taken flight.

Kim M. Russell, 11th April 2023

Image by Erik Karits on Unsplash

It’s Tuesday, it’s Poetics at the dVerse Poets Pub, and Sarah is colouring us yellow. Spring is here, springing up in gardens and hedgerows, and I can confirm that we too have grass sprinkled with dandelions – definitely bright –and I have seen celandines and primroses in our village.

Sarah also reminds us that it’s almost autumn in the southern hemisphere, which has a different kind of yellow – as Donovan sang, ‘mellow yellow’.

We are exploring the world of yellowness with some inspiration from Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours, as well as the writing of Amy Lowell and Matthew Sweeney. Sarah says that we can write about the colour itself, or just sneak something yellow into our poems, such as a yellow bucket, a daffodil, an autumn leaf floating in a puddle. My ‘sonnet’ was inspired by a yellow butterfly I saw on my walk on Sunday.


45 thoughts on “Spring Spillage

  1. “not primrose or even daffodil, but the colour of an accidental spill from Vincent’s palette,” … sigh 🥰 a most exquisite response to the prompt, Kim!! ❤️❤️

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  2. Oh my…..we so often are on similar wave lengths – makes me smile. I meet Vincent in my poem as well 🙂
    Loving these signs of spring….and I do love butterflies! Almost as much as lightning bugs….but butterflies certainly win the prize between the two for beauty!

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  3. The brimstones are beauties. I always hope to see a brimstone first (because Moominmamma). This year we’ve had butterflies non-stop. Even in January so I can’t say which was first. That spill from a painter’s palette is inspired!

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      1. I like them too. They have a particular way of floating along, like yellow leaves.
        The blue are pretty. I never know which ones are which. There are tiny ones and some a bit bigger. All lovely.

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  4. This was quite emotional for me … my Mother inhabits every yellow butterfly I see. I always greet her with a cheery sing-song ”Hello Mama, I mess you” and go along my merry way.

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