Why Spillage?

Why did you ponder on that day
that started with a shower of rain?
You could have started with a ray
of sunshine and then waylaid
us with a downpour.
Just saying.

Why did you have to go on about
the many hues of green and shout
the praise of buds that sprout
and burst with leaves, without
considering the soil?
I’d like to know.

And what’s the butterfly doing
in a poem about the joy of spring?
Aren’t butterflies a summer thing?
And when did they start bursting
out of leafy clouds?
Poetic licence, huh!

Who suggested the flowers?
It’s known that poets spend hours
writing about daffodils and bowers.
However, I like the idea of colours
in a spillage
from an artist’s palette.

What on earth made you end with a couplet?
Oh, I see, the whole thing is a yellow sonnet!

Kim M Russell, 12th April 2023

With a dozen poems under our belts, we are now at Day 12 of NaPoWriMo.  The (optional) prompt is a challenge to write a poem that addresses itself or some aspect of its self (i.e., “Dear Poem,” or “what are my quatrains up to?”; “Couplet, come with me . . .”) I took the poem I wrote for yesterday’s Poetics over at the dVerse Poets Pub, Spring Spillage, and turned the interrogation spotlight on it.


10 thoughts on “Why Spillage?

  1. I love the whole poem, and I love personally returning time and time again to all of the imagery you described, while writing and also I think we all need this :”Poetic licence, huh!” – on a T-shirt!

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      1. I say big yes, it would be fun to have one, and I am seriously thinking about it! I feel like it will additionally help me feel more free when out photographing flowers – because people keep starring at me like I’m doing gods know what. This way, at least I would do my diligent part of letting them know I am just a poet let loose in the wild!

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