Sensing October

I pull October from the mist,gather up the weavesafter the storm has tried to stripthe trees of blushing leaves. I wind them round my finger,the delicate wisps that lingerin fallen apples rottinginto cider scent, in dangling corpses of daddy-longlegsand dew-encrusted spider-webswoven in between red sunsetsand orange mornings. I untangle gossamer spanning timeand space to make […]

Tired But Thankful

You woke me upin the early hourswith your persistenceand your words. Now I’m upbefore the birds,brain whirring,fingers tapping, slave to the emphatic vatic. I’m tired but thankful,but an image would be useful,something ekphrasticto brighten up my dreams. Kim M. Russell, 29th September 2020 My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: The Vatic Voice Lisa is […]

Michaelmas Daisies

When all wildlife is depletedand we are left to scrabbleamong limy rocks and burnt-outshrubs and copses, and rowthe marshland for sustenance,we may be rewardedwith a universe of daisiesto remind us of the past:the gathering of carrotsand merrymaking,all before facingthe death of the old year,the passing of the old life,the cold ash of isolation. Kim M. […]

Figures in a Landscape

Many thanks to The Ekphrastic Review for including my poem in their latest Ekphrastic Writing Responses to a picture by Bertram Brooker. It’s called ‘Figures in a Landscape’ and it’s the fifth one down. I highly recommend reading all the responses, which are of a high standard, and I’m in excellent company with Merril Smith […]

A Robin’s Protest

After lively protesting all summer long,at first ablaze and full of umbrage,morning is broken by a different song. The melody falls with the foliage,in falling becomes more sorrowfulto see Earth going into freefall: leaves, acorns, a robin’s canticle. Kim M. Russell, 24th September 2020 My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the bar: Protest Poetry […]

A String of Pigeons

I count them on the power line:one, two, three, four, five pigeons,plump, grey, grumbling curmudgeons,with the occasional coyish coothat helped me througha pandemic void of company,a string of them, comical and pearly.Just before sunset,a window in the tumbling cloud,accompanied by a loudclap of wings, they explodelike fireworks that have lost their sparksinto the fading light,their […]


Mother Nature fell asleep thinkingand her thoughts became dreamsinto rich, dark soil sinking. Nothing in this world is ever as it seemsand her fantasies took root,watered by rain and underground streams. By spring, the roots had given birth to shootsthat sought the warmth of the sun,and the shoots grew and began to produce stalks and […]