Michaelmas Daisies

When all wildlife is depleted
and we are left to scrabble
among limy rocks and burnt-out
shrubs and copses, and row
the marshland for sustenance,
we may be rewarded
with a universe of daisies
to remind us of the past:
the gathering of carrots
and merrymaking,
all before facing
the death of the old year,
the passing of the old life,
the cold ash of isolation.

Kim M. Russell, 28th September 2020







My response to earthweal weekly challenge: An Anthropocene Michaelmas

Brendan has reminded us that 29th September is the Festival of St. Michael, ‘patron saint of ocean-farers, boater of the dead to the afterlife and, down deeper, the old sea-god Manannan.’ He has also given us a brief background.

15 thoughts on “Michaelmas Daisies

  1. Did this prompt make you think of the song ‘Michaelmas Daisies’? This is what immediately sprang to my mind also. I hope we will be left with more than daisies, but daisies would at least be some form of hope!

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  2. As Suzanne said above, this is chilling, and it does catch a mood. A fine piece of writing, I like in particular, the word “limy”…it kind of arrests the ear!
    A good time to get the roof repaired by the way..JIM

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