Chestnuts and Honesty

Lacklustre remains of chestnuts Nestle in messy mats of leaves And wind-dried crackling pods Marked by embryonic seeds. The forest floor’s fluorescent With early morning frost, Strung with brittle gossamer, Slippery with drips and trickles. The world awakes to winter bells: A glockenspiel of icicles. Kim M. Russell, 2017 – Ilmari Nen My response to […]

Rope Trick

Twisted strands of silent bangles, Bloody hands from knots and tangles, Slung and tied, she is suspended Vertically, rolled and upended In an age-old circus trick On a rope tensile and thick, She slips up fibres like a snake Up vines, praying they will not break. Kim M. Russell, 2016 – Natalia Drepina My response […]