Waxing Rhetorical

Have you ever said goodnight to a lopsided moon? Did you watch its waxing light illuminate the branches of a silver birch? Did you lower the blind on the mournful flute of a disembodied owl’s hoot? Or did you peer into darkness, hoping for a glimpse of its ghostly silhouette and to feel the soundless […]


as the molecular waviness of sky and sea busking elemental music; as cool sand beneath uncurling toes and wind unfurling strands of hair like wheeling gulls; as a ladybird on its way home, flying between blades of grass before it lands on my hand. Kim M. Russell, 2017 My response to dVerse Poets Pub Monday […]

My Dearest Book

I wrote you a love poem but I can’t remember how I found you: you were simply there, when the day before you were not. Your black and white circus of dreams was marvellously prefabricated and you easily enchanted me into your circular paths, drew me to your bonfire’s heat. Your acrobats and fortune-tellers thrilled, […]