the words of water having no punctuation flow around pebbles and rocks wearing down to silt words roll from ripples pop from bubbles and sparkle in foam and crystals forming sub-zero dirges words melt into spring filling ditches and gutters gurgling and splashing with the plump plopping of dew and rain dripping and dropping Kim […]


Our bodies unfurl and then curl into each other under night’s cover. We are waves in motion on an inky ocean or sand-blown stones hidden in a desert’s undertones. We are intertwined limbs, hearts, souls and minds, dancing in the dark until we spark – stars falling in the empty sky of morning. Kim M. […]

Sea Threat

Miles from the shore, we sleep secure, drifting on dreams like boats or moonbeams, undisturbed by the sound of waves or shifting ground. On the coast, rocky reefs, laced with cuffs of sand and foam, protect the land, waver with the ebb and flow, the pull of undertow, resist the locomotion of the powerful ocean. […]