Garrulous and Green

this morning serenadedbirdsong just a gush of liquid notesspilling a stream of consciousnessfilling cracked and solitary heartswhistling an untimely declarationof spring Kim M. Russell, 24th February 2021 My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #58: Two Into One Will Go Thank you for featuring Candy’s newly-invented form, Rosemary, which I think you know […]

The Oblivion of Snow

‘For the listener, who listens in the snow, And, nothing himself, beholds nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.’ Wallace Stevens It started with a silent flake, a branched crystal, not unlike a flower or a tree, or the paper doily cut-outs grandma used to make. It started with a snowflake, but […]

Invisible Umbilical

The unborn sleep and waketo their mothers’ heartbeatswith flares of dawns and sunsets. Expectant with gentle curves,fields are still blotched with snow,while limp and drowsy meadows transform into the smoky greenof seeding grasses and flowers,patches of shifting light and colours bound together by an invisible umbilical,dewy cobwebs and the hum of early bees –there are […]

While winter writes love notes

we hunker down in a world of                                                                            whitenessinstead of flowers, the storm brings ice            […]

Waiting for Worms

After rain, the snow has melted;in hedges and by the roadside,beer cans, plastic cups and wrappers explodelike mutated flowers and, in isolated places,fly-tippers’ gifts of mattresses and fridges are exposed. On the other side of the world,rare creatures perish, some with pelts,horns and other parts removed,waiting for worms to consumethe vestiges of their existence. Humans’ […]

Winter pulls its punches

just for a momentin its brutal course that covers all tracesof earth’s life force, icicles come alivewith a sweet green tinge and bloom as snowdropson the edge of spring. Kim M. Russell, 10th February 2021 My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #56: Hit Me With Your Best Shot This Wednesday Rommy asks […]

Dewy Mushrooms

A dewy forest of moons,a multitude of mushrooms,soaks in the weight of dawn. It’s snowing spore confetti,cheerful colour splashes:crimson, ochre, cream and rust. Puffballs and parasols,ink caps and champignons,frilly-gilled and plump of flesh, a festival of fungi sprouting earthy fresh. Kim M. Russell, 9th February 2021 My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Let’s have […]