Being human…

we can trace desire in brushstrokes compose our feelings in a song dream that we are someone else all night long we write past, present and future find possibilities in words but we cannot swim like dolphins or swoop and dive like birds Kim M. Russell, 20th June 2018 My response to Poets United Midweek […]

Bicycle Music

It’s the geometric symphony of angles and circles, a breath of speed and freedom through seasons and cycles: a shiny metal frame, the acrid rubber smell of tyres and pedals, whistle of wind, zip of wheel on road and the jingle of the bell. Kim M. Russell, 18th June 2018 I’m looking after the dVerse […]

Nature Always Finds a Way

In the hedgerow, a robin spills its joy at weeds and wildflowers unfurling and greening cracks in the pavement, graveyards and verges. It cocks its head and blinks its eye at a trembling of finches in the sky with flashes of yellow and bursts of twittering. Nature always finds a way: midsummer’s insects are only […]