First flush of morning percolates through crepuscular dreams, lays first thoughts behind sleep-encrusted lids. Words hatch and squirm, caterpillars to feed the hungry birds of creativity. No point in wrestling with the behe- moths that eat holes in the rags of night, let in first light. It’s time to write. Kim M. Russell, 2017 ‘Dance […]

The Homeless Café

Some shine like celadon, confidence permeates every pore, while others, abashed and nervous, sag like vacant old sofas to the floor, salvaged by a café for the poor and homeless, a place to read and drink tea, chat over mugs of steaming coffee, clip articles from out-of-date magazines donated by local charities, debating the offal […]

Christopher’s  Pearl

I know your silhouette so well, your Baroque rotundity a pearl that has adorned the skyline for three centuries and more, and survived the destructive fires of war. You have witnessed eminent weddings, funerals and celebrations, of which reverberations still whisper round your gallery, an everlasting litany. Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image found on Pinterest […]