The Lawless Season

In the midst of human lawlessness, we revel in spring’s lawlessness. Flares of yellow furze bushes are ignited by spring’s lawlessness. Fragrant frothing apple trees rejoice in nature’s lawlessness. Oaks are bursting into leaf, awakened by the lawlessness. Brambles break through wind-blown fences thorny-sharp with lawlessness. Every morning birds awake us singing praise to lawlessness. […]

Three Limericks

There was a young astronaut from Earth Who dreamed of space travel from birth. He was so bored in space, He kept feeding his face And returned with a gigantic girth. There was once a young woman from Norwich Who refused to finish her porridge. Her Scottish boyfriend Who came from Hell’s Glen Said, ‘Eat […]

Paradise Cobbled

Cobbles have been laid over paradise With stables for carriages and horses, Bawdy taverns, markets, court masques and plays. Life does not follow preordained courses, Cherishing what you have is good practice For tomorrow may well be its demise. Cobbles have been laid over paradise With stables for carriages and horses; They have taken an […]

Prehistory in Amber

(found in an Science Alert article on research published in Current Biology) at a jumbled stall on a Myanmar market, among curios, rubies, jade and other gems, an amber trader offered an innocent stone, in which was preserved an ancient dinosaur tail of feathers and bone, frozen in a honey glow, unique specimen of a young coelurosaur, […]

A Few Clerihew

John Donne Was a dirty old man Who likened fondling and seduction To New World exploration   John Milton Was a glutton for Stilton Nightmares from cheese on toast Resulted in Paradise Lost   Elizabeth Barrett Browning Couldn’t stop frowning Like many lady Victorians She was hooked on laudanum   © Kim M. Russell, 2016 My […]

The Wedding Dress

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Form-For-All/Meeting the Bar; Décima I accompanied my only daughter to her first wedding dress fitting yesterday, which inspired me to write the following decima. Naturally, I can’t include a picture of the dress, so I here’s one of my daughter as a toddler!   You, in a champagne froth of […]