Christopher’s  Pearl

I know your silhouette so well, your Baroque rotundity a pearl that has adorned the skyline for three centuries and more, and survived the destructive fires of war. You have witnessed eminent weddings, funerals and celebrations, of which reverberations still whisper round your gallery, an everlasting litany. Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image found on Pinterest […]

A Single Sprig

Tangible tranquillity crescendos throughout the day, reaching a climax at dusk. In woody eucalyptus of a sprig of rosemary, the town has remembered me. In its low, glowering skies, swarms of midges and horseflies, my wild memories linger. Kim M. Russell, 2017 wild memories – image by Magaly Guerrero (@magalyguerreroindarkerwords) My response to Imaginary Garden […]

Poetic Purring

At peep of morning I hear the soft pad of a poem on the bedroom floor. A darker shadow sharpens in the gloom of my room and jade gems burn amber in strengthening beams of light. Verbs of velvet paws, sharp nouns and adjectives of claws swipe and glint at dust motes forming into stanzas. […]