Poetic Purring

At peep of morning I hear the soft pad of a poem on the bedroom floor. A darker shadow sharpens in the gloom of my room and jade gems burn amber in strengthening beams of light. Verbs of velvet paws, sharp nouns and adjectives of claws swipe and glint at dust motes forming into stanzas. […]

Eating Poetry

The mille-feuille pastry of a freshly baked poem crumbles at the ferocity of the pen, fragile flakes fly, dotting pages with sugar, a sweetness that may turn stale if we try to savour it for too long. Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image found on Pinterest I’m hosting the Weekend Mini Challenge at Imaginary Garden with […]

Poetic Pizza

We kneaded the dough together, your small hands and mine, fingers probing for elusive elasticity. You picked basil from the pot on the windowsill, rubbing the leaves, breathing in each pungent puff. We cried onions, tasted tangy tomato and  snacked hungrily on chewy cheese as we chopped and sliced. At the pizza restaurant in the […]

Voice of a Bombed Church

My consecrated masonry crumbles And the bones of my joists are split and splintered. Grey light filters through my shattered slates and windows, Chasing dry dust motes through my portals without doors. Thick brick dust trickles. Only my pointed arches Withstood the destructive forces Of the Lord’s children. The only kindness I seem To receive […]