Perfumed Question

blooms starlit
in the night
how does it spill

Kim M. Russell, 22nd July 2019

Honeysuckle 2

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Roads Weekend Mini-Challenge: Pick 2 Prompts, Any Prompts! then Senryū or Elfchen or Cherita

I’m catching up with reading and writing after a weekend with my daughter son-in-law and grandson, so I’m delighted to see that Magaly was hosting this weekend, sadly for the last time, for a while. She says that she loves merging prompts and writing very short poetry, which is why she has invited everyone to take two prompts, any prompts, and merge the two topics to create a new senryū, or elfchen, or cherita poem. Our chosen prompts can come from anywhere or any-when, but we must include the link to both prompts.

I love the name elfchen, it seems right for Magaly, who is a cheeky little elf, and the prompts I’ve chosen come from Poets United – Sanaa’s perfume prompt – and the Imaginary Garden’s Poems in April – Björn’s Asking Questions prompt.

12 thoughts on “Perfumed Question

  1. This is such a yummy elfchen. I particularly love the question. I can see the speaker’s head cocked to one side, waiting for Nature to sing a reply… and, of course, enjoying the scent.

    Thank you so much for playing (and for the awesome dedication), Kim.

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