Swimming in Green

Workaday realities disappear, bright bubbles in a flashflood of birdsong, and the garden becomes a shady mere, green ripples that echo all summer long.                             l Peace creeps from grass to leaf to tree, along each branch, farther than any wings can reach, way over the top of the silver beech, from which a sole premature […]

Pigeon Epiphanies

“At any given moment in the middle of a city there’s a million epiphanies occurring, in the blurring of the world beyond the curtain.”  Kate Tempest, Let Them Eat Chaos I once saw a woman peering at the world from behind a net curtain in the middle of Venice in the middle of thick fog. […]

Memory of Scent

It comes to me through autumn smoke, the burning of damp leaves, that pricks the eyes and chokes the breath, the funeral pall of summer’s death: a hint of you drifts through the trees, teasing on the goose-bump breeze, the scent of Coty powder on your face, always just a trace of you in me. […]

Enjoyment Fusion and Troiku

tepid rain shower mingling with warm pool ripples sun sparkles on skin tepid rain shower releases petrichor scent dusty afternoon mingling with warm pool ripples not a breath of breeze early leaf fall floats sun sparkles on skin emerging from deep water sudden splash of light Kim M. Russell, 18th July 2019 My response to […]