Waiting for Autumn

The branches of apple trees are weighted with apples. Plums and quinces litter the ground and brambles are adorned with blackberries, all at different stages of ripeness: emerald, ruby and obsidian. There’s a squirrel foraging in the shade of the willow tree; it hops a short way, its tail an unfurled flag, and then stops […]

Cascading Moonlight

Purest silver light cascades into darkest night; heaven’s lantern, constant but drawn by the tide, fades into black from a smiling face to a winking eye.   © Kim M. Russell, 2016 Image found on Pinterest Taken from a previously posted cascading haiku and reworked for  dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Moon-muse, where Grace has asked us to write about […]

Summer Hare

In a late summer light circus, Shards of watery sunshine Moved in and out of focus. From my hide of grass I noticed, Unaware that I was there, A large-eared hare Lolling in the meadow. With twitching nose And whiskers trembling, It made a sudden spring; With lopsided gait it broke into a run, Burnished […]

The Leaving

Together, they inhaled autumn: foliage choreographed early morning lightshows of decomposing leaves; brambles snagging sleeves as they followed fallen acorns, until he found a perfect russet leaf for her to press between the leaves of sonnets to alleviate her distress at his autumn leaving.   © Kim M. Russell, 2016 Image found on Pinterest Another poem in response […]

North Norfolk Mammoth (reprise)

Amongst mounds of stones and sand at the foot Of crumbling cliffs, where Norfolk juts its chin, Stubborn and defiant as King Canute Watching the waves roll out and crash back in On flat landscape from Yarmouth to King’s Lynn, A rich treasury of ancient fossils, Cached by glaciers in the primeval Landscape almost a […]