Gnats perform a ghostly slow gavotte, gathering like clouds in shafts of light, weaving, willowing wisps of curling smoke, drifting upwards and into the night: gathering, merging and dissipating, solemnly they join the twilight dance, fickle vampires flirting, mating, malign miasma of the Renaissance. Kim M. Russell, 2017 A swarm of gnats. Photograph: Martin Siepmann/Alamy […]


They named you Casper, friendly little ghost discovered off the Hawaiian coast, hula dancing and egg laying among the stems of dead sponges manganese-anchored to the muddy ocean floor, which you colonise and clean, digging among minerals. How could you know how valuable and dangerous your high-tech metal farm could be, so remarkably deep under […]

Grandmother’s Ghost

My response to Carpe Diem Special #208 Sara McNulty’s 4th “fantasy” shadorma   cloud of scent old music hall song fused as one memory grandmother’s hands and warm smile cooling my fever   sweet reminders of a happy past a present a future with grandchildren of my own cooling other brows   © Kim M. Russell, 2016 […]

This is a ghost of a poem

Sovereign Ghost In a world without imagination The ghost is king Or queen Dwindled To a single breath of air Humming somnolent songs Summoning nightly convocations Whispering in sunken voices Regal burglar of sleep Guardian of an empty Book of moonlight Sweating for inspiration Found on