After School at Grandmother’s House

My mother worked and wasn’t home until bedtime. It was agreed that my younger sister and I would be collected by my grandmother when we returned to school in September and we would have our tea with her. I remember us holding her hands as we walked from the school to cross the main road […]

Grandmother’s Radio

Before I left herfor another lifewith parents and sisters,pop music and Radio Luxembourg,she gave me‘Listen with Mother’ storiesand old songs from the music hall. When I returned, feeling unwanted,she ironed while I twiddled the dial,found midday comedies and quizzes,and afternoon playsfor when it rained. I still listen while I iron,smoothing out life’s creases. Kim M. […]

Scarf Magic

My grandmother never went out without a headscarf. She had plenty of them, all neatly folded on a shelf in a low cupboard, within easy reach of a child. In other words me. The scarves were mostly chiffon and in rainbow colours. They demanded to be unfolded and swirled in the air like fairy wings. […]

Under the Table at Grandmother’s House

Although my grandmother was quite open and modern in her outlook, her tastes were old-fashioned. This was reflected in the house where I grew up: in its solid furniture, embroidered cushions and tablecloths that hung low to cover the table legs. For a small child, the dining table was a house or a tent, where […]

Grandmother’s Shoes

She had a closet full of shoes she wouldn’t throw away, reminders of the comfy days when every shoe would fit. For me, it was a treasure trove of giant shoes for a four-year-old to slide across the lino, Ginger to my grandfather’s Astaire. I was completely unaware of the agony of her size three […]

Grandmother’s Ghost

My response to Carpe Diem Special #208 Sara McNulty’s 4th “fantasy” shadorma   cloud of scent old music hall song fused as one memory grandmother’s hands and warm smile cooling my fever   sweet reminders of a happy past a present a future with grandchildren of my own cooling other brows   © Kim M. Russell, 2016 […]