Scarf Magic

My grandmother never went out without a headscarf.
She had plenty of them, all neatly folded on a shelf in a low cupboard, within easy reach of a child.
In other words me.

The scarves were mostly chiffon and in rainbow colours.
They demanded to be unfolded and swirled in the air like fairy wings.
When opened to full capacity, they seemed enormous and perfect for dressing up.
Or delicate parachutes.

Luckily, at the very bottom of the cupboard, my grandmother also kept her footwear.
She never once complained about the pile of shoes, sandals and slippers in the middle of the floor.
Or the crumpled fairy wings that floated in the air.

She gave me rousing applause for singing and dancing.
And my scarf magic.

Kim M. Russell, 15th December 2018

img051 (2)

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Weekend Mini-Challenge: Life is Ripe

This weekend I am delighted to welcome back Magaly to the Garden. She has been working her black-out magic with a miniature copy of the Selected Works of Poe to give us the title of her prompt. She would like us to write new poems centred on childhood memories that bring us joy as adults, with a suggested optional pump of Prose Poetry in 131 words or fewer.

24 thoughts on “Scarf Magic

  1. Such a wonderful memory. My grandmother also wore those fair wing scarves. this made me smile hugely but also shed a few tears. You gave us beauty and love in this. Such memories. I still have a few of her scarves in a drawer, scented with lily of the valley. Thank you.

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  2. I can see that happy angel dancing in waves of colorful fabric that holds grandma’s scent. I close my eyes, and glimpse the twirling magic that turns scarves into wings. I bet grandma was delighted (even if inside she was sighing at the amount of folding that would follow).

    I really love tone of the sentence fragments that end each stanza. There is a smirk and a giggle in there, a bit of artful mischief that tastes of pure magic.

    P.S. Were the line breaks intentional?

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    1. Thank you, Magaly. Yes, the line breaks trace the way the memory developed in my head. Later my grandmother gave me her treasured kimono, brought back by my great uncle from one of his many trips to far-flung places. He was a deep-sea diver. I had a small collection of dressing up clothes that I treasured.

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  3. How wonderful to have such a loving and understanding grandma, willing to indulge a small mischief here and there if it meant her granddaughter was having a blast. #GrandmaGoals

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