Chilled to their Inner Rings

They wait for spring, those intimate winter trees at the end of the garden: unadorned birches tall, bare and skeletal white trunks shining, patient old friends chilled through with icy winds and frost each morning. Kim M. Russell, 9th February 2019 My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Just One Word: Sensation, also linked […]

Outstaying our Welcome

“You are a guest of nature” (Hundertwasser) boots crush vernal grass and clover barley heads droop the once living quilt of meadow has shrivelled up and died and the earth shivers with fear as the sun climbs ever higher above the blasted pasture of the biosphere while humans bandy words like ‘zero tolerance’ they neglect […]

The Point of Return

pristine pages of                 possibility flutter out the window into the                                sky fragile words on wings of air hovering ready to fall ­                                    […]

Heart and Other Beats

With the sarcastic percussion of fingers on the table top, my heart used to skip a beat. I longed for the comforting generosity of chimes in a summer garden instead of the irascible crash of cymbals, a teenage girl flouncing out the door; I don’t hear that any more. Kim M. Russell, 26th January 2019 […]