Infused with Jasmine

sweet reflections willow in a crystal brook infused with jasmine sweet reflections leaves stirred by the ebb and flow drifting memories willow in a crystal brook its branches bent and dripping the weight of water infused with jasmine green leaves and shadows shimmer merging with time Kim M. Russell, 14th October 2018 My response to […]

Where Shadow Chases Light

from unknown skies on breath of a passing breeze perfume of promise from unknown skies flocks of migrant geese arrive autumn on their wings on breath of a passing breeze drifting smoke like old man’s beard tangled in brambles perfume of promise berries and windfall apples leaves for the bonfire Kim M. Russell, 16th September […]

Chrysanthemum and Geese

white bloom in the sky carved by geese calligraphy chrysanthemum moon white bloom in the sky undisturbed by drifting clouds mirrored in a pond carved by geese calligraphy scribbles in the sky a silver message chrysanthemum moon petals ruffled by a breeze a drifting feather Kim M. Russell, 5th August 2018 My response to Carpe […]