Mist Clouds Troiku

roaring down the beach at the height of winter waves mist clouds Jane Reichhold roaring down the beach seaward between crumbled cliffs a harpy wind at the height of winter waves haunting the landscape whiff of wet dog mist clouds the gentle grey of seagulls smacking the water Kim M. Russell, 4th February 2021 My […]

Mysterious Landscapes Troiku

mysterious landscapes rise and unfold before my eyes worlds of clouds Chèvrefeuille mysterious landscapes windless rain among the trees misting my glasses rise and unfold before my eyes hills grey and invisible a foggy haunting worlds of clouds dark shadows until a break reveals honey light mysterious landscapes everything brown and silver flickered with leaf […]


fragile beautywritten with frosty fingersa dawn haiku cranberries covered with sugara taste of winteryet to come first hoarfrostfragile cobweb spans the gatemagical Kim M. Russell, 24th November 2020 My response to Carpe Diem #1840 Hoarfrost Chèvrefeuille reminds us that it’s pretty much winter in the Northern hemisphere and we have already had our first hoarfrost, […]

At Dawn

yoake ni arau tsuyude watashino ashisaichoubi at dawn I wash my feet with dew the longest day                              Yozakura at dawn the first pink flush of morning still bleary with sleep I wash my feet with dew cold and refreshing the fragrance of grass the longest day stretching to the horizon suffused with promise at dawn […]

At the crossroads of summer and autumn

between passing moons even the fish are waiting in cricket silence between passing moons constellations are clearer cosmic dot-to-dots even the fish are waiting beneath frosted leaves the pond hesitates in cricket silence autumn performs her striptease distant thunderclap Kim M. Russell, 9th November 2019 My response to Carpe Diem #1777 Classical and non-classical in […]