At Dawn

yoake ni arau tsuyude watashino ashisaichoubi at dawn I wash my feet with dew the longest day                              Yozakura at dawn the first pink flush of morning still bleary with sleep I wash my feet with dew cold and refreshing the fragrance of grass the longest day stretching to the horizon suffused with promise at dawn […]

Early December

bare branches a painting against the blue sky leaves under my feet Yozakura crisp with early morning frost breathing foggy dragon-breath each crystal dewdrop reflects a frozen landscape cold microcosms decorate a spider’s web spun across the garden gate dandelion clocks delicate glassy seed-heads frozen in time while leaves crunch under my feet branches bear […]

Beautiful Ugliness

banana-tree unworthy to look at beautiful ugliness                                       Yozakura shelter from the pouring rain welcome shadow in the sun                     Kim M. Russell, 2nd May 2019 My response to Carpe Diem #1655 Tan Renga Challenge (2) Beautiful Ugliness This month we are creating short chained verses or […]

Infused with Jasmine

sweet reflections willow in a crystal brook infused with jasmine sweet reflections leaves stirred by the ebb and flow drifting memories willow in a crystal brook its branches bent and dripping the weight of water infused with jasmine green leaves and shadows shimmer merging with time Kim M. Russell, 14th October 2018 My response to […]

Sparkling Wine

sparkling wine flames dance in her hand he is granted a smile                                Yozakura warm and intoxicating colour of grapes and romance               Kim M. Russell, 20th September 2018 My response to Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge Chained Together III: sparkling wine Today, the hokku we have been given to […]