Early December

bare branches
a painting against the blue sky
leaves under my feet


crisp with early morning frost
breathing foggy dragon-breath

each crystal dewdrop
reflects a frozen landscape
cold microcosms

decorate a spider’s web
spun across the garden gate

dandelion clocks
delicate glassy seed-heads
frozen in time

while leaves crunch under my feet
branches bear the winter sky

Kim M. Russell, 3rd December 2019

Image result for free images frosted dandelion clock
Free image found on depositphotos.com

My response to Carpe Diem #1791 Soliloquy No Renga

The first episode of a new month of CDHK is a double one and ‘Never Change A Winning Team’ continues into December.

The second episode is a Soliloquy No Renga, or a solo renga, for which we use a given haiku as the hokku, and we have to create a renga with at least six and a maximum of twelve stanzas, with the ageku closing the chain.

The chosen haiku is by Yozakura, the Unknown Haiku Poet.

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