The Sight of Stars

ancient memories light up the night sky with a shimmer of astral dust yesterday’s magic scintillates  astrology and mysticism a twinkling aura crowns the moon drunk with cosmic wine and weightlessness motionless in freefall earth is an afterthought a blue yo-yo suspended in the echo chamber of space while the universal orchestra plays a silent […]

Grandmother’s Shoes

She had a closet full of shoes she wouldn’t throw away, reminders of the comfy days when every shoe would fit. For me, it was a treasure trove of giant shoes for a four-year-old to slide across the lino, Ginger to my grandfather’s Astaire. I was completely unaware of the agony of her size three […]

Passion for Perfection

He glows with bliss, with an innate passion for perfection. Pressing fingers, his caressing hand lingers, a blessing on the wax sole of her right foot. Repeating movements endlessly does not destroy the spontaneity, the joy in recreating every day a corps de ballet. Kim M. Russell, 2017 My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: […]