Our garden makes me smile

Every tree is a miracle: the ancient birch with vector branches, silver bark and overgrown elephantine trunk; the curly willow, recently pollarded, younger and more strident; the quince, plum, apple and cherry; the prickly holly, the tree that heralds thunderstorms. In an arrangement of fairy stairwells, sulphur mushrooms rise from networks below the soil, blending […]

Al Fresco

Laughter and tears together Overhead the stars collide Vernal moon waxes silver Earthy marriage bed Kim M. Russell, 10th February 2020 My response to Carpe Diem #1808 LOVE acrostic challenge The theme this month ‘love’ and today the challenge is to create an acrostic dodoitsu, a four-line Japanese poetry form in which the first letter […]

The Sight of Stars

ancient memories light up the night sky with a shimmer of astral dust yesterday’s magic scintillates  astrology and mysticism a twinkling aura crowns the moon drunk with cosmic wine and weightlessness motionless in freefall earth is an afterthought a blue yo-yo suspended in the echo chamber of space while the universal orchestra plays a silent […]