Everything Was Beautiful

My response to MindLoveMisery’s Writing Prompt #144 “Collage 16″   They woke up to espresso In aquamarine cups Black and strong Nothing could go wrong She sat on his knee In a hotel room in Tuscany After a night of pasta and wine The floor boards creaked Under their feet Everything was beautiful And nothing hurt […]

Dawn’s Shipwreck

My response to Haiku Horizons prompt “sleep”   Drifting in slumber Morpheus pulls me under diving into dreams   Surfacing from deep altered consciousness of sleep rising sun stirs me   Lifting languid lids broken shards of sleep amid dawn’s shipwreck of sheets   © Kim M. Russell, 2016 Image found on www.posterlounge.co.uk  

Universal Truth

Children must be allowed To make of their lives what they will. Let them make mistakes, Share disappointments, hopes and thrills. Let them choose which friends to make: Some will come and some will go; The best remain through everything; And most of all they have to know The same applies to lovers – Broken […]