November Morning

Tattered trees pose, stark in their tracery, leaves all fallen sopping to the ground without a sound. A thin veil of amber hints at a struggling sun behind the mist, a sensual bounty across town and country. Warning of the coming chill, frost and fog cover every hill, the muffled silence broken only by the […]

Small Comforts

Leaden-grey winter days are brightened by hawthorn’s scarlet berries, a migrant firecrest and a robin’s breast as warming as a hot water bottle. They are talismans against the coming cold, summoning magical Yule, glowing reminders that the old year will soon become the new. Kim M. Russell, 28th November 2022 Image by Chris23 on Unsplash […]

Tasting Books

‘Alex- A few moments of reading pleasure in return for an evening of sensual delights. Denis October Bacchanalia 1994’ Found on the flyleaf of The Physiology of Taste – Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin Spidery writing offers pleasure on the pages of a mildewed book discovered in an antiquarian book stall by the Seine. Taste is something […]

Navigating November

there is no dawn or dusk no proper time of day like the depths of the dark forest we navigate November running fingers on bark and fungus to find north we lean in close listening for sap to rise and bubble signs that queuing behind winter is spring Kim M. Russell, 15th November 2022 Free […]