Early Morning Gathering

I wake at half past three, unsure whether to lie still and listen to the sounds of the outside world beginning to rouse, or get up, drink a mug of tea and go for a walk. I choose the latter. The tea steams while I pull on some warm clothes and boots. I take several sips to thaw me, my exhalations suspended in the air.

Opening the front door, I stride from porch to drive and up the road, my head back, looking up at the swirling, darting movements of stars in the street of the sky. Night walks, scattering poems that I try to catch as they fall, some through my fingers that land on dewy grass and tarmac, others cling to my frozen palms, ripe for writing. By the time I get back to my desk, they are clamouring to be written.

Kim M. Russell, 7th November 2022

Free image by Max Saeling on Unsplash

This week’s dVerse Poets Pub Prosery prompt has been chosen by Linda from a poem by e e cummings called ‘Tulips & Chimneys’, a title that endears itself to me as tulips are my favourite flowers and I am comforted by chimneys – we also have some very unusual ones around here.  The line is: ‘In the street of the sky night walks scattering poems’.For Prosery, we write stories of 144 words or less (not including the title), which must have a beginning and an end, including the given poetry line. We may alter the punctuation but must use the line in its entirety without inserting any other words.


38 thoughts on “Early Morning Gathering

  1. Love this one! And sometimes that is the way….walking alone…gazing at sky or stars or trees and ideas pop into your head…phrases, words, images…all itching to be put in a poem when one returns to desk or table. Love this use of the line!

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  2. A hungry poet wandering the hours of the wolf is fascinating. It is a creative and positive vibe you’ve attached to the prompt. But these days, a woman alone in a car at 3am is a target for mayhem; sadly.

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