I remember the massive washing pot sizzling on the stove, steaming soap and shiny bubbles, the dolly, the washboard in the sink. Barely room for two in her tiny scullery, I gripped her apron tightly, behind the comfortable safety of her body, away from the flames flickering from washday spits. Afterwards, on the carmine step, […]

Losing the Thread

When a seamstress loses the thread, she becomes thorny: stitches tighten in her gut and snakes breed in her very soul, notwithstanding itches in her fingers from tiny hollow hairs, steeped in a poison that bewitches and catches her unawares. All fingers and thumbs, and nettled by unforeseen hitches, she waits for serenity and calm. […]

Crow at the Castle Gate

There is no lonelier spot than the castle on the moors, hung over with scudding cloud where a lone tattered crow soars. As it guards the castle gate it utters raucous caws, eyeing the path with a shiny eye while sharpening beak and claws to pick at the first stars of twilight, a shadow unzipping […]


The track she was following curved and swerved through ancient trees and undergrowth, muffling the sound of a gurgling stream until she passed a gap. Pushing through tangles of brambles, she glimpsed sunlight sparkling on water and slid down the bank in her haste to reach it. A river coursed through the forest and, just […]

Nibbling the Edge of Summer

I’m a grey squirrel, loveable in my autumn frenzy, gathering sustenance for the coming season. You are content to observe me scampering in gardens and parks, flying from branch to branch, leaping from path to bench, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. You laugh as a scurry of clouds devours the sky, grey squirrels nibbling the azure until […]