Yesterday’s Headlines

Daily life is abbreviated, compounded and hyphenated by headline news. Internet starts to click with the over-75s while there are tough new controls for web giants, checkouts thrown out by Amazon. No one is safe. Ex-football coach faces 29 child sex charges, hit-and-run pair jailed, and teaching was like going into battle, says high-flyer. There’s […]

Sad Pathetic Fallacy

The world was disappointing, dry and thirsty, full of sadness, longing for some artistic creativity, when the slate sky flickered with metallic electricity. Thunder rumbled. The brawling river, rushing with rain-swollen flow, swung into a roaring curve below towards a thundering waterfall, rearing in glassy surges, snagging on the riverbed, like King Lear on the heath: […]


(found in a scientific article) Trespassing algae slip inside, make no attempt to hide their intimate intentions. The salamander eggs are secure from the Ambystoma egg lovers – they only want a cuddle and some warmth. It’s a win-win situation: the algae feast on waste of nitrogen and carbon seeping from the eggs, photosynthesising oxygen, a […]


we’re floating adrift across a pallid landscape in a thawing rift after static winter months forge devastating new paths Kim M. Russell, 2017 Jane Friedlicher (1924-2014) Landscape, 1984, Lithograph on Paper My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Artistic Interpretations with Margaret – Small Town Inspiration Margaret says that she recently visited The Hickory Museum […]

The Second to Last Bird of Sunset

I look up at a vacant sky; except for one small cloud and the inkling of a crescent moon it’s empty – and then, there they are, swerving, climbing, swooping, flocking into the sunset. Sometimes, as the sun drops into the dark slot of night, the second to last bird’s wings briefly singe, forever cast […]