Inside a book…

the mind is free to wander, explore unfamiliar places, push boundaries of space and time, suspend disbelief and hide between the covers, meet new friends and lovers, populate brave new worlds. Pages and seasons turn and so we learn that when a book is closed and night shadows teem, the contents continue to wander through […]

Rescued from Mist and Fog

Unearthly shapes drifted like ghosts, crawled from the sea along the coast, crept along ditches, streams and rivers, unravelling with damp clouds of shivers. They entwined their foggy limbs with mine, misting my sight and nibbling my skin, dissolving my bones as they made a start on feet and legs, then up to my heart. […]

Capricious May

May is capricious, the garden is luscious, bathed in soft sun, daisy and dandelion- spattered. Sky turns bruised plum, sweetly congeals cloud jam, a chiff-chaff’s  half-hearted call warning of imminent rainfall. Warning of imminent rainfall, a chiff-chaff’s half-hearted call sweetly congeals cloud jam. Sky turns bruised plum, spattered daisy and dandelion bathed in soft sun, […]


Through shades of monochrome aureate decadence glimmers: feathered turban shimmers; richly embroidered sleeve and shoulder spark white and grey, a hint of gold. But her eyes are hidden embers, cold, old. Kim M. Russell, 5th May 2018 My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Camera FLASH! Kerry says it’s time to strike a pose […]