we’re floating adrift across a pallid landscape in a thawing rift after static winter months forge devastating new paths Kim M. Russell, 2017 Jane Friedlicher (1924-2014) Landscape, 1984, Lithograph on Paper My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Artistic Interpretations with Margaret – Small Town Inspiration Margaret says that she recently visited The Hickory Museum […]


I hold the fragile, hollow shaft bone carefully between fingers and thumb, study its iridescent greens and blues playing tricks and changing hues as I turn it in the light. In this fractal fragment of flight, old now, discarded and renewed, I sense the sorrowful stare of eyes, preserved forever in a poet’s quill, in […]

Horse Whispering

dismissing a cloud of urgent flies with tall flick and a twitching ear beating heart of rib-caged fear is broken with a whisper Kim M. Russell, 2016 Summer North Wind – Cutting Boards Tempered Glass Another response to imaginary garden with real toads Artistic Interpretations with Margaret – Carol Law Conklin Batik Artist In this […]