Out of Body

A living quilt of stars and meadows
lies across my bed;
my spirit rises from my body
pale as the dead.

I am water rushing in the river,
ever towards the sea;
I flow through culverts and canals
but you won’t see me.

I am clouds and I am stars
dotted in the sky;
in the arms of the man in the moon,
I dance on by

above the woods and meadows,
floating on night air,
racing barn owls through my dreams
without a care.

Kim M. Russell, 2017


My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Artistic Interpretations with Margaret – Quilt Me a Poem

 Margaret says that inspiration is found in nature, museums, and … fabric stores.  She should know; she tells us that she has accumulated a lot of fabric since she took up quilting about a year ago. Which is why the challenge she has set us is to write a poem using one of these fabric details she has provided OR if we have a special quilt (or memories of one) we can write about that instead. 

She has also been very generous in letting us link an old poem if we don’t have time to write a new one, but we must please stick with the theme. I wrote and posted this poem back in March, but as soon as I saw the fabric, I knew I had to match them up!

31 thoughts on “Out of Body

  1. What a wonderful write! I especially like the third stanza and then the last two lines: “racing barn owls through my dreams without a care.” I like everything about this poem. Such a way to run without a care, being the clouds and the stars.

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