Night Sounds

Above the garden, diamond sparkles fill the sky and the moon is a thin slice of lemon light. An owl floats, a slow ghost fading into shadows. Even the breeze is soundless. I’m beginning to feel that I’m alone on this planet, when far away an interrupted cry causes a rip in the silence – […]


By the meagre spark of a cigarette, The scapegrace’s gang was always well met: Mealy mouthed and nicotine stained, They gathered by night but never by day. Haunting the queasy quarters of the city, The dark back alleys and the not so pretty Gelatinous overspill of late night bars, They dodged dustbins, drunks and stolen […]

Wings and Leaves

sunset silhouettes of crow-black wings gathering leaves on empty trees © Kim M. Russell, 2016 Image found on Pinterest My response to Carpe Diem Special (3rd guest) Herman van Rompuy “the night has fallen” Chèvrefeuille has introduced us to Herman van Rompuy, Belgian politician who formerly served as Prime Minister of Belgium and then as the […]