Old Year Lost, New Year Found

I’m ready for it, waiting, and the softness of the word reminds me that I have never seen a humming bird of muscle, artery and vein. Stippled glass refracts day, it stares at you face on. Waiting for the last tube, I felt the dusty wind. I am the buzz of a bee in quiet […]

Dance of Joy

Beethoven shoutedhis incomprehensible joy,a wind that daredthe whole worldto dance helter-skelter,glitter on the river,to dance as melody,irresistible harmony,a symphonyto nature’s inhuman splendour:the gust,the tide,the breaking vinein the figure of a dance. Kim M. Russell. 7th January 2021 My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #51: Looking Back and Writing Forward, also linked to […]


covid-19 became american: classist, capitalist, complacent torturous death cried out beneath a white policeman’s knee one thing follows another sweltering snarls unrest in so many cities the darkness of this time the milk-white palette what comes next? summer has blossomed the certainty of storm grows clouds from the horizon an archangelic season Kim M. Russell, […]

Thirteen Squared

Remember all the lies, belittling stares, derisive laughter, heat of scarlet shame, a wake that followed after preserved in ink, the aspic of the literati picking on the bones of every poet at the feast? You hoped they’d disappear, stuffed-shirted corpses, gilt with attitude and privilege, but no, their breath still lingers, the cloying scent […]

Finding Death’s Dominion

I have seen death’s dominion On the screen of my television: In the broad light of a September sun, A sky filled with bodies and broken bones. We did go mad to see those planes Annihilate the towers; Once more we are sane, We are dusty flowers Lifting our heads to the rain, Never wanting […]