Old Year Lost, New Year Found

I’m ready for it, waiting,
and the softness of the word 
reminds me that I have never 
seen a humming bird
of muscle, artery and vein.

Stippled glass refracts day,
it stares at you face on.

Waiting for the last tube, 
I felt the dusty wind.
I am the buzz of a bee
in quiet moments,
the lonely lady.

Under the candy glaze of winter,
these first cool mornings are redolent.

Kim M. Russell, 12th January 2023

Image by Nikla Johnny Mirkovic on Unsplash

This Thursday is the first Meeting the Bar of 2023 at the dVerse Poets Pub, and with our host, Laura, we are looking as far back as last January, when our bellies were full of good intentions and the Muse felt fresh from the holidays, and standing astride the whole of 2022, turning over our poetry files and creating something afresh.

We’re composing ‘found’ poems of the very first lines of our own poetry, from the first poem of each month posted in 2022. As I was absent for much of the first half of the year due to cataract operations and illness, I have taken one or two from later months.

Here are links to the poems in the order of the lines of the found poem:














41 thoughts on “Old Year Lost, New Year Found

  1. I felt the dusty wind.
    I am the buzz of a bee
    in quiet moments,
    the lonely lady.
    Really like the way you pulled these particular lines together Kim. Excellent wordsmithing my friend. 🙂✌🏼🕊❣️

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  2. This has a lovely flow to it, almost as if the poem was intentional all along. I’m most intrigued by the way it ends, and I want to know, redolent of what? Did the tube carry away the answer? Appropriate for this kind of poetry where normal rules don’t apply.

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  3. Just reading this, I would NEVER guess it’s a found poem! Love it all…but most especially the last two stanzas. The juxtapositioning of the dusty wind, the buzz of a bee and the quiet lady….beautifully done!

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