A Wing and a Prayer

The wings of my prayers are capricious, unlike my solid carapace, too delicate to reach the height of heaven, too flimsy to withstand the heat of hell. Tickled by the honeyed scent of spring, I open my elytra, ready to spread my alae, about to fly – when I’m thwarted by the shadow of a […]

at the water’s edge

a boy crouched at the water’s edge his fingers felt the waves the pull of the current tangle of chickweed wash of passing swan tickle of trout inhaling scents of far-off places breathing them out he watched his toy boat skip ripples on the breeze blow under willows where ducks gather water voles bask in […]

Twisted around her wrist…

a bracelet of cowslips and oxeyes, meadow flowers of summers long gone. Her refusal to add pimpernels, rubies among silver and gold, surprised me. But she was drawn with childish glee to sunny dandelions and buttercups that cast a buttery glow under her chin. So many seasons of bracelets twist around the couplet of our […]

Lockdown with Cat

I am the cat who walks by herself, proudly practising social distancing from others. I purr at the spring sun stroking my fur, while my human peers from a prison of windowpanes, longing for a friendly hug, a shared coffee and conversation. In the meantime, we’ve had to ration cat food until the next delivery. […]

Space Origami

earth is still distorted by pollution like a piece of paper folded into an origami globe, its faces and edges blurred with rubbing here in an ever-shrinking space, it’s hard to remember how primroses and daffodils turn their faces to April sunshine air and water are clearer now, canals and rivers abound with fish and […]

Tender Buttons: Fern

A potted fern rusts in the corner. Why is it trapped in porcelain? An alveolus from the lungs of a forest, a socket for the wind’s teeth. the fern in the pot sucks and nibbles at the room’s stale air, exhaling just enough oxygen to stir the net curtain. Kim M. Russell, 4th April 2020 […]