A Hike in the Moselle Valley

When I was about nineteen and living in Cologne, after repeated ferocious tonsillitis my tonsils were finally removed. A hike in the Moselle Valley had been planned by some male friends of mine and they insisted I come along, post-operative or not. It was late autumn, frosty and cold. The ancient hotel we were staying […]

Ox Head

They said he was untameable and afraid of his own shadow,branded skittish with an ox head,none could soothe his rodeo. The gentling of Bucephalus began with the gentle whispersand flourished into fraternitywithout saddle, reins or spurs.  They camped under starless skies,future king and Thessalian steed,faced the sting of metaland watched men bleed. Too many men and horses […]

Storm Drain Rainbow

Pondering words, the storm drainof my mind, raw,breaks openan augury of rainbows,impossible to reach. Ghosts endure the interfaceof despair and hope, the turningpoint, where darknessis exhausted and lightbegins its return. All we need is a song. Kim M. Russell, 29th August 2020 A found poem for earthweal open link weekend I wanted to go back […]

Starting Point

So varied is the starting point,the foundation of a poem:sometimes a thought, a word,image, phrase, feeling, sound,or something you have foundin a different writer’s wall,the brickweave of their soul. Kim M. Russell, 27th August 2020 My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #34: Foundation This Wednesday, Rommy asked us to consider the word […]

Wheatfield with Crows

His paint oozed solitude and sadness. The turbulent brush almost fell from his hands. He knew it so well, this field of rude life and death, its diverging blood-rusted paths leading to the same horizon. The violent polarity of yellow field of wheat daubed in rows and blue sky smudged with clouds erupts with black […]

Rewilding a Soul

When she opened the cage, she felt bars beneath her fingers, a metallic chill that lingers and almost stops the heart. Her soul perched on the edge among shadows of danger, liberty felt so much stranger and the landscape was stark. The taming had taken its joyfulness, silenced its song and left it helpless. Its […]