Storm Drain Rainbow

Pondering words, the storm drain
of my mind, raw,
breaks open
an augury of rainbows,
impossible to reach.

Ghosts endure the interface
of despair and hope, the turning
point, where darkness
is exhausted and light
begins its return.

All we need is a song.

Kim M. Russell, 29th August 2020

25 Best Rainbows After Storms images | Rainbow, Storm, Rainbow after the  storm

A found poem for earthweal open link weekend

I wanted to go back to the Storms and Rainbows prompt, so I read it again, and look what I found! Image found on Pinterest.


12 thoughts on “Storm Drain Rainbow

    1. Thanks Sarah! I think that’s one of the reasons I like this time of year, the changes in the landscape, children back at school, the moody weather.


  1. “All we need is a song.” That’s for sure. I am so discouraged by what is going on with my neighbours to the south, it is hard to find those rainbows. I am fortunate to live with nature’s beauty all around me. But they are CLEARCUTTING the last of the old growth on the Island, and TWO forests in my village are slated to be clearcut. As the planet heats and wildfires rage, it seems we are s suicidal species. Certainly not a wise one. I really felt this poem. I will keep listening for that song. Maybe all who are marching will VOTE the darkness away, so light can dawn again.

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    1. I find it very difficult to watch what is going on around the world. The situation here has improved a little bit it could change any time. We are also lucky to live in a beautiful part of the country, which is very well protected nature reserve.


  2. Here the song is high wild winds at present as the season change blows in. I feel sorry for northern hemisphere kids going back to school when the Covid case numbers are climbing. That ws what happened here before the 2nd lockdown was declared. It was a very stressful time.

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    1. We too have high winds. It ust be a relief going into spring, but I hope your summer won’t be too hot and it is not a repeat of last year. I’m worried about the return to school. Chicken processing factories in two counties in East Anglia had up to 100 workers who tested positive with Covid, one of which was in Norfolk. I don’t eat chicken or any other meat, but who else is working in food processing who carries or is Covid positive? I am staying at home. At least I got to ses my daughter and grandson recently.

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      1. It sounds like what happened here. We had two meat processing plants with lots of cases, then cases in schools with many schools closing for deep cleaning then opening up again. My daughters were so worried I feared for their mental health. The cases then occurred in aged care and many people there sadly died. At that point the government declared another lockdown and mandatory wearing of face masks. The cases have all been traced back to guards who were in charge of hotel quarantine for returning travellers.
        I am glad about the lockdown though some of the measures seem too extreme. The closing of State borders had a weird psychological effect on me that surprised me. I’ve always cherished my freedom to go off on long road trips. I read today some State borders will remain closed till 2022 so I’ll have to get used to it!
        The case numbers are going down here but there is still no firm information on when this lockdown will end or just how things will open up again. School will go back in October. Things should have settled by then.
        Good luck over there and stay safe. StayIng home is the safest option. I do that too.

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  3. Those opening lines really strike strongly, and the tension is palpable, even helpful I think, because it causes eventually a needed relief, even as the ghosts wander that endless interface. Some really excellent imagery in this.

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