In quiet moments, 
I backtrack 
to childhood, 
when life wasn’t packed
with worries and responsibilities.

I’d stare for hours at cloudy skies;
watch a bird catch a worm, 
see it wriggle and squirm;
a beetle on its way 

Contented child 
without a care.

Kim M. Russell, 4th October 2022
Free image by Matt Davenport on Unsplash

It’s Quadrille Monday at the dVerse Poets Pub again and Merril wants us to stay on track with today’s prompt by writing about track, tracks, tracked, or tracking in just 44 words, excluding the title, in any form – but we must use the word ‘track’ or some form of the word in our poems.


48 thoughts on “Contentment

  1. YES! Oh yes…..those carefree naive days. I think that’s why, as a grandparent, it’s so wonderful when the grandchildren are little and we can play make-believe again and get down on the floor and roll a ball to them for a bit. It’s like stepping back. I really connect with your piece here!

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    1. I was so looking forward to doing that with Lucas, and every time I was ready to visit, something happened. Now Ellen is on the verge of giving birth, so my half-term visit might not happen either. Then I have to give Steve and Ellen three weeks of his paternity leave to become acquainted with the new baby before I can visit them at the end of November.


  2. I read an interview with Ian McEwan recently in which he postulates (that’s what he does) that the pandemic has led people to reflect on their lives. Your poem captures this elegantly and with far more economy than Ian!

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  3. Beautiful reflections of childhood and similar for me. Somehow I think we have to make our way back to those observational moments of nature and our surroundings. We get so caught up in the doing.

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