The Angel Within

The absence of goodness 
is like absence of rainfall;
we are left with the dryness
and oppressive heat of evil, 
its mark on each of us,
tattooed on heart and soul.

But deep within our bones
a feathered angel lingers,
soothing tormented groans,
a dulcet beneficent singer
of songs in soothing tones,
the long-awaited rain-bringer.

Kim M. Russell, 27th September 2022

Image by Julia Kadel on Unsplash

It’s Tuesday, and Punam is hosting Poetics at the dVerse Poets Pub – with the good and the evil. I like the quotation from Julius Caesar, which helped inspire my poem this evening.  I enjoyed reading about the festivals, from Navratri/Durga puja to Diwali, which is also celebrated in many schools across the UK.

From wider reading, I agree that the victory of good over evil is central to most religions – and literature. Punam has given us excellent examples to inspire our own poems about good and evil, not good vs evil or black vs white, but mere mortals, the good in the evil or the evil in the good. The form, the meter, the rhyme scheme and the length is up to us.


39 thoughts on “The Angel Within

  1. Hi Kim – Rain is ever the blessing (at least in moderation — Central Florida is getting too much of it today), be it angelic or atmospheric. Love how you connect the gratitude in our bones for rain and the later angel there.

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  2. Kim, I love it, just the figure of a “feathered angel” within us beautifully breathes hope into the nicely balanced lines, “soothing” us with beneficence and song. Just pure poetry.

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  3. This is beautiful Kim. Love your perspective here — very cool my friend. The unrelenting “oppressive heat of evil” also forged courage and tempers bravery — so we certainly need it. 🙂✌🏼❤️


  4. Hi, Kim. Yes, sometimes we do feel the nudge of your brilliant angel. And we know, it just has to be, could be nothing else.
    Thank you for visiting my write. Night and light; one evening Mrs. Jim and I drove over to a downtown restaurant after Christmas shopping. Street parking there, I chose a streetlight to park under to keep thieves from taking our presents, packaged in store paper sacks. When we came back we found our car broken into with a broken window and all the packages gone. The light we had used for security had been used by thieves to see what to steal. We were glad the sacks only held children’s clothing and felt they would make a few children happy.

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