Finding Death’s Dominion

I have seen death’s dominion

On the screen of my television:

In the broad light of a September sun,

A sky filled with bodies and broken bones.

We did go mad to see those planes

Annihilate the towers;

Once more we are sane,

We are dusty flowers

Lifting our heads to the rain,

Never wanting to lay eyes

On death’s dominion again.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Deaths Dominion

image © Dab lur art on deviantart
My response to Tuesday in the Imaginary Garden, an opportunity to meet and share our love of the written word. After listening to the excerpt from the poem, ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’ by Dylan Thomas, one of my all-time favourite poems, recited by George Clooney, I decided to use words from the whole poem to create a new ‘found poem’ as a response. Some of you might remember I did something similar with the same poem back in May:

15 thoughts on “Finding Death’s Dominion

    1. That’s one of the scenes I’ll never forget. Two years later we visited New York and went to Ground Zero. I remember just standing there, completely dumbstruck.


  1. How very true.. and yet such sights continue: children washed up on beaches or bodies blasted to ruin in city streets. We live in an age of horror, clinging to hope.

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