City of Bridges and Sighs

Give me a city of bridges and sighs, Shimmering water under cloudless skies, Flocking pigeons in St Mark’s Square Fed by the crowds of tourists there. Give me the surprise of a piazzale, The clanging of the bell in the Campanile, Echoes of gondoliers in the early morning haze And overcrowded vaporetti in the watery […]

Finding Death’s Dominion

I have seen death’s dominion On the screen of my television: In the broad light of a September sun, A sky filled with bodies and broken bones. We did go mad to see those planes Annihilate the towers; Once more we are sane, We are dusty flowers Lifting our heads to the rain, Never wanting […]

Boxed in

Creak of ropes melds with creak of trees Bare wooden boxes swing in the breeze Contorted bone and spine are folded in Cubes of splintered wood on naked skin Swinging high amongst leaves and limbs Incarcerated at the furious forest’s whim Open to elements and nature’s powers Punishing heat, cold, wind and showers Revenge is […]