Summer in Metropolis

The metropolis blooms in wavy heat among  paving stones, glass and concrete sprouting with brightly coloured leisure-wear, and parks are littered with deckchairs, where office workers burn like toast as they unfold on the grass to roast. Ties are discarded in the office, water fountains and coolers promise a sparkle in after- noon aridity for […]

In the Darkness of the City

In the darkness of the city a weapon clatters to the pavement. Nobody listens. The traffic clamours. Always. She was once moon-eyed and young, trying Her wings. Now, in a dark alley, a middle-aged woman lifts up her tear-stained Face and is dragged behind the rubbish bins, Into the shadows. She lies amongst the rotting […]

City of Bridges and Sighs

Give me a city of bridges and sighs, Shimmering water under cloudless skies, Flocking pigeons in St Mark’s Square Fed by the crowds of tourists there. Give me the surprise of a piazzale, The clanging of the bell in the Campanile, Echoes of gondoliers in the early morning haze And overcrowded vaporetti in the watery […]

Foxes at Dusk

In the city, Drab, lanky shadow Slips between parked cars, Competes with gulls and crows By toppled rubbish bins, Emerging silently Under street-light sulphur, Leaching rust from fur.   In the country, Rich russet lustre Cavorts in lush green fields, Barking at gulls and crows Under a canopy Of sunset and cloud, Burnished copper bright […]