A Need to Know Basis

You need to know, I have a fragile muse fashioned from Venetian glass, blown out and close to shattering. Despite that, we climb aboard a gondola and enter the shadow of the Bridge of Sighs, sighing and shivering from the sudden chill. But Venice has its own poetry. The city knows which form to use […]

City of Bridges and Sighs

Give me a city of bridges and sighs, Shimmering water under cloudless skies, Flocking pigeons in St Mark’s Square Fed by the crowds of tourists there. Give me the surprise of a piazzale, The clanging of the bell in the Campanile, Echoes of gondoliers in the early morning haze And overcrowded vaporetti in the watery […]

Take me to Torcello

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #109   Take me to Torcello Past the gondolas on the Grand Canal, Across the shimmering lagoon, Sparkling glass of Murano And the colours of Burano To the gentle chirp of crickets And the ruins of Torcello, Where we spent the day one summer Drinking limoncello And soaking […]