Harebrained from Hawthorn

Hawthorn blossoms in a crashing wave,splashing over verges and hedges,scenting the village with its pungent aftershave. Splashing over verges and hedges,spring rain drips between the flowers,washes dust and rubbish from the edges. Spring rain drips between the flowers,distilling a heady vernal love potion,intoxicating twilight hours. Distilling a heady vernal love potion,spring makes its way through […]


Originally posted on writing in north norfolk:
we are aerial?????????????? we are swifts????????????????????????????? asleep on the wing???????????????????????????????????????????? or rising sooty-brown????????????????????????????? to black against the sky?????????????? wings like scythesand all summer long we fly?????????????? until the long days pass????????????????????????????? African heat and grass???????????????????????????????????????????? call like drums and rattles????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????and we fly Kim M. Russell, 8th March…


Originally posted on writing in north norfolk:
The waiting was breath held underwater, the longing was a crushing ocean wave, and the scalpel cut was the sharpness of moonlight at the end of a stormy day. Now his smile carves deep into my ribcage, his fingers worm paths under my skin, and the smell of…

This is not a carved box

but the heart of a treea remnant of mean accumulation of scentsthe essence of adolescenceand early adulthooda repository for bad and gooddifferent lives and different timesan amalgam of stories and rhymes Kim M. Russell, 12th January 2021 My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Object Poems Mish is back to host this Tuesday’s Poetics with […]

A Review of Joe and Nelly

I was delighted to receive by email this review of Joe and Nelly from thirteen-year-old Samanta: “An amazing story about two best friends during World War Two. It has a brilliant storyline and very realistic description. At some points I could truly imagine how the characters felt as a result of how well this book […]