Summer Traffic Jam

between dusty cars an orange butterfly flits the traffic rumbles exhaust fumes filter sunlight a dandelion beckons Kim M. Russell, 13th September 2018 My response to Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge 2018 Chained Together (III): between dusty cars Today we are adding a two-line stanza to a haiku I wrote in response to a Quest […]

Mystical song of the Sami

reindeer and snowflakes dancing in the Northern Lights language of the stars Kim M. Russell, 6th August 2018 My response to Carpe Diem #1490 Joik, the mystical song of the Sami On our August journey around the world to discover all kinds of folk music, we have already visited Italy, Portugal and Turkey; today we […]

A Request

Originally posted on writing in north norfolk:
After years of editing and rewriting my children’s novel, Joe and Nelly, the thrill of being long-listed by Mslexia and the disappointment of rejection from agents and publishers, I have taken the step of entering Inkitt’s novel contest. Here is my request, which I hope you don’t think…

Voices in a Late Summer Garden

Honeysuckle paints a pale sunset along the garden wall, a tumbling clown, with its tendrils dangling down. Above the constant buzz of pollen-coated bees, I catch a cockeyed conversation. ­                    ‘Get down, you silly girl, you’ll get stuck! ­                  […]