Chalk Marks, Bears and What Lay Beneath

When I was a child the pavementwas a canvas, a joyful defacement:I made colourful chalk marks on the grey,a street artist, until the rain cameand washed them away.Hopscotch boxes led my feetacross the concreteand cracks warned of bearswaiting to eat meif I didn’t stay in the squares.I was curious about what laybeneath the heavy grey;grass […]

A Review of Joe and Nelly

I was delighted to receive by email this review of Joe and Nelly from thirteen-year-old Samanta: “An amazing story about two best friends during World War Two. It has a brilliant storyline and very realistic description. At some points I could truly imagine how the characters felt as a result of how well this book […]

Joe and Nelly e-book

Yesterday I found out that my children’s novel, which I self-published on Monday, was #6 in the Amazon Hot New Releases in Horror & Ghost Stories for Children. Not having any experience in marketing and promotion, I had no idea about this, and it took a friend to make me aware of it. Being #6 yesterday was […]

Joe and Nelly

I’ve just self-published my children’s novel and it will be available as an e-book on Amazon in the next few days. Joe and Nelly is a ghost story set in London during the Second World War. it is aimed at children aged 8 and over, but the adults who have read it have given very […]