Found in the Night Sky

look up and watch
the cosmic summer frolic

when the sun rises early
to touch the Northern Tropic

our lunar neighbour
fattens, waxes, comes nigh

then scoots past
and sails on by

leaving Saturn and Jupiter
to light up the night sky

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Found in the Night Sky

Image found on Pinterest

A found poem, picked from an article in The Washington Post and shared on Science Alert, written for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Tuesday Platform, where Kerry is hosting today.

21 thoughts on “Found in the Night Sky

  1. The sky is fascinating, whatever the season… the whole movement of the celestial map blows my mind, except, of course, it is we who are moving.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like to keep up to date with anything to do with space and often find interesting words and phrases that spark the poetic imagination.


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