Discovering the White Rabbit

After early showers on a capricious Saturday in May, lunchtime is bathed in balmy sunshine. The shady toll path bustles with strollers and joggers, all inhaling spring’s steamy promise, and echoes with a coxswain’s voice counting rowers’ strokes. On the opposite bank, a swan stretches; alert to danger, she watches over cygnets hidden in a […]

Dandelion – May Tan Renga

dandelion dandelion on the sandy beach spring opens its eyes                                 © Ogiwara Seisensui a crowd of golden faces woken by powerful tides                         Kim M. Russell, 2017 My response to Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge Month 2017 #12 dandelion, dandelion (Ogiwara Seisensui) Today ‘s ‘hokku’ is from another lesser known classical haiku poet who was […]